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Our company is founded by a husband & wife team that have been part of the after-market automotive industry in New Zealand for over 25 years, both with a love of cars and all things car related.

Ezywiper came about when we were complaining yet again about the expensive dealer supplied blades that had begun squealing and smearing within weeks of being fitted to our Toyota. We eventually traipsed off to the bowels of a big box retailer and spent a rather long amount of time trying to figure out if they had the right blades, and two thereof, as replacements. This was an unsuccessful venture.

It was then we realised there had to be an easier way for Kiwis to source good quality, reliable wiper blades for their car. And so Ezywiper quickly grew from an idea we talked about over a beer on a Friday night to the fully fledged website you’re now on.

What makes Ezywiper different is that you can simply search for the make and model of your car and voila, we tell you what wiper set will fit your vehicle. We’ll then pop it on a courier direct from our New Zealand warehouse (no waiting around for your order to be posted from another country then sitting for another 2 weeks clearing customs).

And we know from our many years of experience the quality is paramount when it comes to successful after market products. Ezywiper’s premium grade rubber and sleek design will give you a smile every time you use your wiper blades. And yes, they are easy to fit!

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Our products are made of the highest quality materials and produced in an ISO9001 certified facility.

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Over 25 years experience in automotive parts and accessories

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