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ezywiper technology

What makes Ezywiper blades special

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Our products are made of the highest quality materials and produced in an ISO9001 certified facility.

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Over 25 years experience in automotive parts and accessories.

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Ezywiper wiper blades use the latest technology in the wiper blade industry to provide you with a high performance, long lasting wiper blade that will improve your driving experience no matter the weather.


Beam type construction

Ezywiper blades are manufactured using a pre-tensioned carbon steel core within a durable UV stabilised plastic housing to keep even pressure across the rubber blade. This creates the maximum contact area against the windscreen glass.

Aerodynamic shape

Using an aerodynamically shaped outer housing drastically reduces the wind noise created as air passes over the wiper blade especially at motorway speeds.

Natural rubber blade

We only use premium quality natural rubber for our blade inserts as during testing natural rubber has show to last longer and perform better than silicon rubber.

Teflon coating

Coating the rubber blades in teflon reduces friction between the glass and the blade which helps increase the life of the blade. Teflon also works to reduce contaminates such as tree sap and road grime adhering to the blade.

Aerodynamic spoiler

Ezywiper’s spoiler design creates additional pressure against the glass as the car picks up speed. This is especially important while travelling at highway speeds as you want the maximum pressure blade against the windscreen to ensure the blade is able to remove water effectively.

Compact design

Our blade housing and wiper arm connectors are designed for minimal visual obstruction while driving.

International Certification

Ezywiper wiper blades and our manufacturing partners carry several international quality certifications including: ISO9001, ISO/TS 16949 and European TUV.